Fire Pit

Transform your outdoor space into a gathering spot with a classic fire pit.

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World-Class Function Meets Aesthetic Design

A well-built fire pit makes you feel like you’re around a luxurious campfire in your own yard or porch. The high-quality masonry stone work not only adds an element of beauty to the feature, but it also ensures that each FireRock fire pit is safe and will last the life of your build. And, like all FireRock products, our fire pit can be veneered with the masonry material of your choice. You can even add a grilling grate to fire pits that have the right design!
  • Comes in size 44”
  • Sports a modular design with no single component over 60 lbs
  • Riser kits are available for increased height (one rise provides an additional 6”)
  • FireRock Adhesive Mortar is mandatory for assembly of this product
  • Choose between a round or a square fire pit shape

Square Fire Pit Specifications

Model Height Depth Width Weight Stone Veneer Requirements Riser Height Riser Weight (per block)
36" 12" 36" 36" 456 lbs 16 sq ft 4" 45 lbs
48" 12" 48" 48" 672 lbs 18 sq ft 4" 45 lbs
60" 12" 60" 60" 1,104 lbs 24 sq ft 4" 45 lbs
72" 12" 72" 72" 1,320 lbs 36 sq ft 4" 45 lbs
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Round Fire Pit Specifications

Width Height Interior Diameter Height with Riser Weight Riser Height Riser Weight Veneer Surface Required
44" 12" 30" 18" 528 lbs 6" 320 lbs 20 sq ft
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