Handmade Steel Windows & Doors

Custom-made features that last a lifetime.

Precision and Strength in a Timeless Look

Designed for longevity and superb operability without sacrificing style, our high-quality steel doors and windows deliver on both fronts. With four distinct profiles ranging from historically accurate to thermally broken, we offer a high-performance, cost-effective solution to meet the needs of any build.
    • Narrow steel muntins for expansive views
    • 5-year warranty
    • Cured paint finish
    • Lasts many years
    • Hot dip galvanized to prevent rust

Sleek, Modern Design

Crafted with narrow sightlines and invisible welds, our windows and doors have a smooth, luxurious finish that results in a beautiful and elegant unit.

Industry-Leading Quality

Our doors and windows are 100% custom, handmade, solid Montanstahl Swiss Steel. All of our units are finished with a hot dip galvanization and a cured paint finish for rust protection and longevity, and backed by a 5-year warranty.

Unmatched Service

Expect quick quote turnarounds, comprehensive shop drawings, and nationwide service when working with FireRock. Plus, our profiles arrive at your job site with factory glazing, ready for installation.


Our steel doors and windows are available in four different profile options, accommodating a wide range of applications, styles, and price points. We also offer units like bi-folds, life-slides, and oversized units, as well as thermally broken steel doors and windows.

FR Tube Steel

Our most popular profile gives you the classic style of steel doors and windows at the most cost-effective price point. Made from tube steel, the M200 profile is a great option for smaller-scale units, such as single and double French doors and almost all window types.


This profile features narrow sightlines, with muntins as thin as ¾”, to get a historically-accurate style. This profile works wonderfully in historical restoration projects.


With the most customization potential out of any of our profiles, the W40 is ideal for more demanding, large-scale projects, such as bi-fold and sliding doors.


This profile features true thermal breaks, making it the best choice for units where energy efficiency and condensation resistance are required, such as in cold weather climates and win cellars.


We offer a wide variety of entry set styles and hardware finishes from leading manufacturers.


Glazing is the installation method that holds glass in place. High-quality glazing creates an airtight and watertight seal, acting as a defense against the elements. It also has an effect on the style of a unit.
FireRock steel units are factory glazed for a more convenient installation by eliminating the need to source local glaziers. Factory glazing also ensures glass stability, so units function properly over time.
CTX 16 Removable Glazing Beads
Glazing utilizes a CTX 16 T-bar and a glazing bead, which is what gives muntins their attractive shape. FireRock steel doors and windows come equipped with removable glazing beads that simulate authentic steel glazing beads. Because the glazing beads are removable, the glass can be easily serviced by glaziers as needed.


Multiple layers of glass separated by a layer of inert gas is not only safer, but also reduces noise and increases energy efficiency by diffusing heat transfer
A combination of insulated and laminated glass that is suitable for coastal projects with inclement weather
The interlayers work to support and hold the glass to create a strong, uniformed layer 
*Other specialty glasses are available at request.


Can you make _______?
Most likely yes! We have a skilled team of steel experts to assist you - you dream it and we can build it!
How much does it cost?
Steel Doors & Windows are costly, there’s no doubt about it, but the “wow” factor a steel feature unit can add to a home is unparalleled. A pair of French doors (6’0”w x 8’0”t) typically ranges from $7,000 to $12,000 depending on the profile system and manufacturer. It’s important to realize that while prices can vary widely, savings up front can quickly erode: lower-quality units often require costly maintenance, and a surprising number will need to be replaced in 3-5 years due to rust, warping and air/water infiltration. Furthermore, it can be difficult to compare quotes because few are “apples to apples”. While FireRock units can be factory-glazed (glazed = with glass installed) and fully finished with an option for installation, many manufacturers offer frames-only, requiring contractors to source glazing and installation services on their own, incurring additional costs.
Can my contractor install it?
In most cases, yes! French doors and small- to mid-sized windows can be installed like a pre-hung door, and we can customize each unit to match your wall conditions to ensure a straightforward installation process. Large units and complex units like sliders, bi-folds, and accordions require experienced installers to navigate a more involved process. In those cases, we recommend working with our experienced installation teams for best results.

Helpful Resources

Information on types of doors and windows, troubleshooting, engineering, and more.

When we spec it into a home or a building, we don’t have to worry about if it’s going to work or not.

Bill Harrison
Harrison Design

I enjoy working with FireRock because they don’t just sell product, they really work with me to find solutions to whatever challenge I may have – be it aesthetic, design or budget. They’re a true partner in the process from start to finish. I’ve recently worked with them for cedar shakes and had a great experience. FireRock provided me timely, hassle-free delivery while offering high quality product at a fair price that helped make my projects a success.

Brandon Davis, Construction
Birmingham, AL

We have used FireRock in many of our new construction homes and I can tell you that they add a tremendous amount of authenticity to the home.

Davis Builders
Atlanta, GA

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