Liveable Luxury: Tour the Lake Lanier home of Georgia Designer Addie Wilheit

Lake Lanier Home from drone

A Look Back at 2016: Southern Living Idea House

Another showhouse on our list of favorite projects from 2016 comes from the beloved Southern Living magazine. Each year, Southern Living chooses a host city for its Idea House, and then works with a local builder, architect and interior designer to execute a custom built and fully decorated home for its readers.


3x Stronger – FireRock Outperforms Isokern During Hurricane Matthew

When a FireRock and Isokern unit were put to the test during Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, the FireRock unit proved to be superior in strength and stability. 


A Look Back at 2016: Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse

It's a must that we close our look back at 2016 showhouses with a classic - the Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse presented by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine. FireRock's masonry fireplaces (5 indoor units total!) and slate roofing were used in the 2015 Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse — a 15,000 square foot home located in Buckhead's Millwood Manor, just outside of Atlanta, GA.


A Look Back at 2016: Christopher Showhouse

As this year comes to a close, we're featuring FireRock's greatest hits of 2016 - the projects we loved and the highlights. To begin our look back, we're showcasing the project that kicked off this year with a bang.


FAQ: Where Can I Place My FireRock Fireplace?

Fireplaces can now be installed in any room in a house. No longer are people limited by the weight, design, and fuel type, which for years meant that fireplaces could be placed in a few locations. Because of their weight and extreme heat, for generations, fireplaces were only feasible on the ground floor, where they could be placed on a solid, non-combustible surface. Now, with the invention of gas fireplaces, vent free, and less heavy models, fireplaces can be installed anywhere easily.

When installing a fireplace it is very important to make sure that your house can support that particular fireplace. As mentioned before, there are two main things that you must take into account:

1. Weight

Wood burning fireplaces are heavy. The typical 42” Conventional FireRock weighs approximately 2,500 lbs. with the chimney adding an additional 150 lbs per foot. Therefore, if you are planning a fireplace with a 25 ft. chimney you are looking at a total weight of around 6,250 lbs. For most homes, this weight cannot be supported anywhere but the ground floor. However, there are ways around this. With the use of a metal chimney and a LiteRock FireRock fireplace, the overall weight can be lowered to approximately 2,700 lbs., a much more reasonable weight for upper floor fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces are typically not as heavy as their wood burning alternatives. Because they can be used without a chimney they are much more flexible in home design.

2. Flooring

You can never be too safe when it comes to fire. Even with our heat retardant fire box lined with even more heat retardant fire bricks, we still require that all of our wood burning fireplaces be placed on a non-combustible floor. This is to ensure that our products work effectively, and safely, throughout their lifetime.

This, however, does not mean that you cannot have a wood burning fireplace on the 2nd floor or above. FireRock provides “riser kits” or a metal box that goes below the firebox, keeping it off a combustible floor and allowing air to flow, ensuring that the floor stays cool. Riser kits are designed to be sturdy and lightweight, a perfect combination for upper stories.

For more information on FireRock products or to ask any questions you may have on fireplace placement, call us at 888-876-1025. FireRock has experienced product specialists who can answer any questions you might have related to fireplace installation. For information on how we compare to our competitors, click below.