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3x Stronger – FireRock Outperforms Isokern During Hurricane Matthew

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When a FireRock and Isokern unit were put to the test during Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, the FireRock unit proved to be superior in strength and stability. 

Isokern3-1.jpg Isokern4-1.jpg
Megastructure's Ryan Skrak described the cracked brickwork around the chimney of the Isokern (left) and said the whole back side had completely failed. Meanwhile the FireRock (right) experience no damage.

Three times stronger. That’s something we say a lot here at FireRock. That is because we’re proud that the pre-engineered masonry fireplace we manufacture is 3x stronger than our leading competitor -- Isokern. This is important when it comes to the shipping of our product as it stands up better to the sometimes rough movement during freight. It is also important when it comes to stability during the build, as a fireplace is one of the first units installed in a custom home and therefore must withstand the full construction process.

But recently we heard a story from one of our distribution partners – Ryan Skak of Megastructures in Bluffton, SC – about a true test of strength against Mother Nature.

In a custom home built in 2006 on Spring Island, SC, two Isokern and FireRock units weathered the same storm during Hurricane Matthew earlier this year. Ryan was called out to review the damage done to the home, and what he found were two completely different results. The FireRock (which was offset) held up to the storm without a crack in its structure. Meanwhile, the Isokern unit, in his words, “completely failed.”

“The difference was night and day. While the FireRock may be a little heavier, it has the integrity to stand up when you need it to the most.”

In the end, Ryan said the homeowner has spent upwards of $40,000 in materials, installation and builder costs to remove and replace the Isokern unit. This time, with a FireRock.

So the next time you look to purchase a pre-engineered masonry fireplace, think of FireRock.