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FireRock Continuing Education

We are proud to offer a series of courses on building materials, through both in-person lunch and learns as well as webinars. All of our courses accredit 1 LU/HSW to the attendee.

Pre-Engineered Masonry Fireplace + Chimney Systems

 Learn How To:

Identify the materials used to manufacture pre-engineered masonry fireplaces (PEMF)
Define major components and their best-use applications
Classify applicable testing, enhanced safety, and code compliance
Compare and contrast the three primary fireplace installation materials

Wet Cast Concrete Pavers

 Learn How To:

Understand ASTM standards for concrete pavers—what they are, and why they are important to your customer and the safety of the installation
Understand the history and rise of pavers across the world
Receive an overview of the paver options available in today’s market
Define the concrete floor tile category with a deep-dive into wet-cast paver production
Break down the most common installation applications

Steel Doors + Windows

 Learn How To:

Understand the history of steel and the influence of fire protection and energy efficiency
Identify characteristics of the materials and methods used to manufacture steel doors and windows
Explain how those materials and methods influence performance and longevity
Discuss common regulatory and environmental standards

 Solving Smoke Draw Issues

 Learn How To:

Define common verbiage pertaining to smoke draw
Identify the top design variables and construction issues that impact smoke draw
Detect environmental conditions inside the home that impact smoke draw
Identify conditions outside the home that influence smoke draft

Solid + Engineered Wood Flooring

 Learn How To:

Define the sustainable characteristics of wood flooring throughout the product life cycle
Explain the impact of responsibly-sourced wood products and strength testing
Outline the two most common types of wood flooring and their differences
Discuss wood flooring applications, finishing methods, and today's most popular finishes

Slate Roofing

 Learn How To:

Discuss slate fundamentals, such as natural resources, slate tile manufacturing, and the environmental impact of using slate as a roofing material
Recognize when the use of slate is appropriate in building design and renovation
Identify slate characteristics and key information needed for specifying slate
Gain introductory knowledge of slate roof installation

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