See-Through Fireplace

This style graces two rooms with the beauty of a fireplace using only one flue.

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Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Aesthetic Design

Add beauty and warmth to two rooms at once with our see-through model. One of the only true 48” pre-engineered see-through fireplace options on the market, this fireplace is good for those looking to save space while maintaining an air of elegance.

Our see-through model is approved for in-field firebox modifications—choose between angled or interior straight side walls. Additionally, it can be used indoors or outdoors and can accommodate almost any veneer, mantle, or surround. Additionally, our firebrick comes in two colors and two thicknesses to accommodate a variety of firebrick patterns and designs.
  • Comes in traditional sizes: 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48”
  • Can be installed on a combustible floor using LiteRock installation method
  • Top-seal damper or anchor plate with damper when using a UL 103 pipe
  • Vent-free option available
  • Outside air source recommended for adequate ventilation
  • Can accommodate a FireRock masonry or UL 103 metal chimney system
  • To ensure UL-127 compliance and reduce risk of smoke spillage, a set of glass or ceramic fireplace enclosure doors must be installed on one or both sides of the fireplace

See-Through Fireplace Specifications

Width Height Depth
Opening Firebox
Overall Opening Firebox Smoke
Overall Firebox Overall
Damper Weight
30” See-Through
32.5" 22" 38" 34.5" 38.3" 22.4" 60.6" 28.5" 28.5"
Top Seal 1,575lbs
36” See-Through
38.5" 28" 44" 34.5" 38.3" 31.6" 69.8" 28.5" 28.5"
Top Seal 1,800lbs
42” See-Through
44.5" 34" 50" 34.5" 38.3" 31.6" 69.8" 28.5" 28.5"
Top Seal 2,050lbs
48” See-Through
50.5" 40" 56" 34.5" 38.3" 40.8" 79" 28.5" 28.5"
Top Seal 2,350lbs
Download full dimension guide
Chimney Diameter Masonry Chimney: 15"
UL 103 Metal Chimney: 12" (30" model only) or 14"
Total Installed Height Minimum: 15’
Maximum: 60’

Clearance to Combustibles

Opening to Sidewall 28"
Opening to Combustible Trim 12”
Opening to Mantle with 8" Depth 30"
Noncombustible Hearth Extension 20" in front; 8" each side 20" in front; 8" each side
Firebox & Smoke Chamber to Combustibles or Framing 1”
Smoke Chamber (Front Wall & Top) to Wood Framing 1”
* The 60” and 72” Oversized Conventional models require extra floor protection in addition to the 20” full depth hearth extension listed. The amount of additional floor protection is dependent upon the opening height of the firebox, and must be constructed of a noncombustible material with a minimum R-value of 0.30. See Oversized Installation Manual for more information.

Approvals & Certifications

Certified as complying with UL-127 and ANSI Z21.50 regulations for indoor use Approved for use with gas-starters and outside air kits

Available Accessories

Bricking Flange

Provides additional structural support

Solid Block Chimney

Patented one-piece interlocking components make it easy to add an all-masonry chimney

Firebrick & Mortar

High quality firebrick and specially-formulated adhesive mortar


Sends smoke away and keeps heat in

Metal Chimney

A lightweight and flexible alternative to a solid block chimney

Offset Blocks

Help when chimney placement isn’t a straight shot

Chimney Pots

Gives character and improves smoke draw

Outside Air Kits

Utilize outside air for optimal fireplace combustion

Log Lighter

Makes starting a fire easy and quick