Literock Riser Kit

A lightweight, straightforward installation technique.

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LiteRock Riser Kits consist of either two 1.5” fireproof boards, or an 8” metal riser (depending on what finished hearth height is needed.) The LiteRock Riser is installed directly under the base plate and provides the necessary protection between the firebox and combustible floor system, thus eliminating the need for a 4”-6” concrete slab footing.

Install a Fireplace Almost Anywhere

FireRock’s LiteRock system is a lightweight fireplace installation method that, when combined with a metal chimney flue system, can be installed directly on a combustible floor, typically without any additional support.

The LiteRock Riser Kit is great for 2nd floor fireplaces or over basements. It is approved for indoor use only with the following fireplaces:
  • FireRock Conventional / California Conventional 30 “, 36”, 42”, 48” (3” riser only)
  • FireRock Rumford 30 “, 36”, 42”, 48” (3” riser only)
  • FireRock See-Through 30 “, 36”, 42”, 48” (3” riser only)
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