B-Vent Fireplace Installation

An efficient, gas-burning model well suited for use in bedrooms.

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Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Aesthetic Design

This fireplace application comes with an automated safety shut off valve to ensure your fire does not burn too long or too hot. The B-Vent fireplace uses room air for combustion, and vents all combustion fumes outside of your home.

This model requires an accessory kit and a special double-walled 10” metal chimney pipe. This customized pipe allows for higher reflection and stays hotter to draw gasses out more quickly. Both of these accessories can be purchased separately.
  • Compatible with Conventional or California Conventional sizes 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48”
  • ICC report issued and compliant with UL-127, ANSI Z21.60, wind load, and seismic testing
  • Can be installed directly on a wooden or combustible floor without a riser kit
  • Use only with decorative gas logs
  • Clearance to combustibles should be 0” to floor and 1” to sides and back of firebox and smoke chamber
  • Be sure to check local building codes for restrictions, especially in bedrooms

B-Vent Fireplace Specifications

Width Height Depth
Opening Firebox
Overall Opening Firebox Smoke
Overall Firebox Overall
Damper Weight
30” B Vent
32.5" 22" 38" 33.8" 37.5" 22.4" 59.9" 22.5" 28.5"
44,000 1,800lbs
36” B Vent
38.5" 28" 44" 33.8" 37.5" 31.5625" 69.1" 22.5" 28.5"
68,000 2,150lbs
42” B Vent
44.5" 34" 50" 33.8" 37.5" 31.6" 69.1" 22.5" 28.5"
68,000 2,410lbs
48” B Vent
50.5" 40" 56" 33.8" 37.5" 40.8" 78.3" 22.5" 28.5"
78,000 2,900lbs
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Chimney Diameter 10" Type-B Gas Vent Pipe
Total Installed Height Minimum: 15’
Maximum: 65’

Clearance to Combustibles

Opening to Sidewall 28"
Opening to Combustible Trim 12”
Opening to Mantle with 8" Depth 16"
Noncombustible Hearth Extension 20” in front; 8” each side
Firebox & Smoke Chamber to Combustibles or Framing 1”
Smoke Chamber (Front Wall & Top) to Wood Framing 1”
* The 60” and 72” Oversized Conventional models require extra floor protection in addition to the 20” full depth hearth extension listed. The amount of additional floor protection is dependent upon the opening height of the firebox, and must be constructed of a noncombustible material with a minimum R-value of 0.30. See Oversized Installation Manual for more information.

Approvals & Certifications

Complies with UL 127, ANSI Z21.60, wind load, seismic testing, ICC report issued For use with vented decorative gas logs
B-Vent model is the only fireplace that FireRock stocks gas logs for Maximum heat input of gas logs must be no greater than 78,000 BTUs

Available Accessories

Draft Diverter, Chimney Flap Safety Device


High-Temp Wiring Harness, Masonry 10" Chimney Base


Safety Shut-Off Switch Device, Draft Hood Connector


Properly Sized Gas Log Appliance