FireRock offers 3 types of dampers: Cast Iron, Top-Seal and Anchor Plate with Damper.

  • Cast Iron Dampers can be used for all fireboxes with exception to our 72” conventional (requires 2 Top-Seal Dampers) or our See-Through models, regardless if using masonry or metal flue.
  • Top Seal Dampers are compatible with all fireboxes that use a masonry chimney system.
  • Anchor Plate with Dampers are compatible with all fireboxes that use a metal chimney system.
  • All Vent Free and Outdoor FireRock models do not require dampers.

Cast Iron Dampers

Cast iron dampers come complete with a cast iron body, valve plate, and a 5-position poker control. Each damper is finished with black corrosion-resistant paint.



  • 24" - For use with 30" firebox
  • 30" - For use with 36" firebox
  • 36" - For use with 42" firebox
  • 42" - For use with 48" firebox
  • 54" - For use with 60" firebox
Cast Iron Damper

Top Seal Dampers

The Energy Top Plus Damper comes with a hardware kit, 29' cable and handle. The hardware kit includes a chain assembly, keyhole bracket, silicone, two nail anchors, allen wrench and instructions.



  • Outside Tile Size - 18" x 18"
  • Fits outside tile dimension 15" x 15" to 18" x 18'
Top Seal Damper

Anchor Plate with Damper

Use as a starter section for DuraChimney II. Bolts directly to fireplace outlet. Damper section allows chimney to be closed when fireplace is not in use. Includes chain and lintel hook.

Anchor Plate with Damper

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