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Create your hardscape with our handcrafted concrete pavers that outperform in strength, durability and safety - approved for indoor & outdoor applications

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Architectural-Grade Concrete Pavers for Any Hardscape

FireRock Pavers Look Book CoverFireRock concrete pavers are a handcrafted alternative to natural stone tile. Our unique finishing process adds depth and texture to create the look of natural stone. In addition to being more affordable and reliable than travertine, FireRock pavers also outperform in independent tests of strength, durability, safety and heat absorption.

FireRock Pavers can accomodate a variety of patterns and sizes to meet your custom project needs. FireRock provides a variety of cleaners and sealants, and we highly recommend sealing after installation to prevent staining. Protect your FireRock pavers with SEK SureBond sealer and consider a maintenance plan every three to four years for long term enjoyment and satisfaction. 


When our pavers are installed outdoors over a compacted aggregate base, FireRock recommends they be installed in accordance with the guidelines of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.

When our pavers are installed indoors or over a concrete slab, FireRock recommends they be installed in accordance with the guidelines of the ASTM Standard Practice for Installation of Concrete Floor Tiles. 



Color Options


FireRock Concrete Pavers - Color: Steel



This is our grey and named for the industry that sparked the rapid growth of Birmingham at the turn of the last century. Steel pavers are a great option to slate or bluestone, and looks great on a patio bordered in brick. FireRock's steel color option is a great choice for more contemporary architecture. 




FireRock Concrete Pavers - Color: Oyster



For centuries, coastal communities have used oyster shells as a building material. Our lightest color is so named to honor this tradition. Oyster pavers are great for crisp, clean interior and exterior spaces. FireRock's oyster option works well with contemporary or Mediterranean architecture, and is our closest color match to white. 




FireRock Concrete Pavers - Color: Ore



Our darkest color is named for the rich iron ore deposits found in the hills around Birmingham. Ore is our truest brown selection, and compliments more natural, rustic architecutre and landscapes. This color option pairs well with red brick and stone houses.




FireRock Concrete Pavers - Color: Clay



Travertine has been used for centuries as a building material. Clay is the color we devised that most closely resembles a true travertine. It is named for mud found along rivers and waterways where travertine is often quarried. FireRock clay pavers are a neutral taupe that will compliment most any home design. This color option can be used inside or outside as a sophisticated, stylish flooring material.






Concrete Pavers in Living Room

Top 5 Reasons to Choose FireRock Pavers

1. 2x Stronger
FireRock Pavers are designed to withhold extreme weights up to 7,928 psi. That’s more than 2x stronger than the leading competitor. This difference is important when it comes to wear and tear of your floor, considering a 125-lb woman in high heels can carry a load of up to 2000 psi with just one step!

2. Exceeds ASTM Requirements
Per accredited 3rd-party testing, FireRock exceeds ASTM C-1731 standards for concrete floor tiles for compressive strength, absorption resistance, flexural strength and more (see chart for details).

3. A-frame Packaging For Easier Shipping & Install
For both our 1” and 1.75” pavers, we deliver our A-frame packaging system directly to your job site, making for a smoother process from start to finish and less damage to our product. Our ability to mix colors and paver sizes (including all 7 sizes of our random pattern) on a single pallet makes for quicker installation, meaning less labor costs and job site headaches.

4. Keeps Cool All Summer Long
Per accredited 3rd party testing, FireRock pavers are proven to stay cool despite intense UV exposure. Our 4 color options have a Solar Reflectance Index between 52 and 93 (LEED minimum is 29), outperforming the competition and natural stone. Keep your feet cool and ask us for more details.

5. FireRock Sales Reps
Our outside sales team is ready and available to you to visit job sites and attend pre/post installation meetings. We stand behind our products 100% and are here to provide you the most high-quality, reliable and trustworthy products and service on the market. 


Dimension Specs for all sizes of the products

For information about shipping/freight, please contact our customer service team




Coping Options

Weight (approx.)

Total Sq Ft per Pallet



7-pc Random

Bull Nose

11.5 lbs./sq ft

270 sq ft


Pool Decking

7-pc Random

Bull Nose

18 lbs./sq ft

198 sq ft


Driveway Paving

3-pc Pattern


28 lbs./sq ft

112 sq ft

See Our Paver information Manual

Approvals & Certifications

Compressive Strength: More than 2x stronger than ASTM C1731 standard 

Flexural Strength: ASTM C1731 compliant

Freeze/Thaw Durability: ASTM C 936-13 compliant

AbsorptionASTM C1731 compliant

Dimensional Tolerances: ASTM C1731 compliant

Bond StrengthASTM C1731 compliant

Wet Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF): ASTM C1731 compliant

Pavers Limited Warranty (PDF)

Installation/Maintenance Products (SEK recommended)

Stain/Rust Buster, Oil Extractor, Efflo Off Cleaner, Multi-Use Cleaner

Antifungal Sealer (gloss finish), Wet Look Sealer (high-gloss finish), Stain Blocking Invisible Sealer (matte finish)

Edging restraints, spikes, tools for framing pavers tightly and preventing sand loss

Joint Stabilizing Polymeric Sand (gray and tan)

Need to see our pavers for yourself? Request a free Paver Sample Kit to be delivered to your door - all colors included!

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