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3 Must-Haves for Outdoor Entertaining

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Warm summer nights mean one thing: outdoor entertaining! Luckily, in the last couple years, extravagant backyard makeovers have become more and more popular, giving homeowners a wide variety of outdoor living features to incorporate into their patios.

Though there are dozens of options to choose from to deck out your patio, when it comes to prepping your outdoor space for the party of the year, there are a handful of staples that you should think about including to keep the party rolling and your guests entertained.

Here are our three must-haves for outdoor entertaining this summer:


Outdoor Fireplace (or Fire Pit)

Outdoor Fireplace

Every well decorated living space needs a focal point, and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are a great central theme for an outdoor living space. Not only do they offer a natural gathering point for everyone in your party, but they also provide gentle lighting and warmth as the night wears on. And with a variety of different styles, including straight front, arched front, and see through fireplaces, you won’t have to compromise on style.


Great Furniture

Outdoor/Patio Furniture

Cheap plastic lawn chairs are a thing of the past. There are now hundreds of comfortable mesh chairs, cozy swings, and roomy benches that are perfect for any outdoor occasion. If you want your party to last into the night, don’t run your guests off with poor quality furniture – make sure they’re comfortable by providing plush seating options. The best news is that many modern materials are made for easy cleaning so you won't have to worry about dirt building up in them.


Outdoor Kitchen/Drink Cart

Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re doing outdoor entertaining right, you want your guests to hang out outside. Adding some simple kitchen fixtures like a mini bar or a drink cart is a good way to keep traffic down in your house. You don’t have to spend a fortune here – simply put some ice buckets, drinks, and other useful items on a rolling cart to offer your guests quick access to refreshments. Or, if you’re looking to go the more extravagant route, outdoor kitchens are an impressive addition to an outdoor space.


Including any or all three of our must-haves is an easy way to make sure your outdoor living space is ready for summer parties. Once you get your fireplace or firepit installed and get the surrounding space decked out with comfy seats, you can start rolling out drinks and snacks in no time.