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Wood Flooring Trends of 2015

Although there are many flooring options for the rooms in your home, wood flooring remains a high-end trend that has been popular for centuries. Stylish, durable, and renewable, wood flooring is the number one preference for new homeowners. There are many varieties to choose from due to the different colors, materials, textures, and sizes. Keep in touch with what homeowners consider the most fashionable wood flooring styles of the year.

  1. Wider and Longer Planks

    Wood flooring enhances a home by adding elegance, warmth, and character. To make your space visually larger, install wider and longer wood planks. Increasing the width and length not only opens up the room, but gives it a contemporary feel.



  2. Vintage Look

    Blending old with new reflects past, traditional styles and gives any room a modern-vintage feel. This type of wood flooring is more rustic and authentic, highlighting the wood’s flaws and natural character. Bring nature inside with the softer color tones of vintage looking wood.



  3. Dark Color Tones

    Homeowners looking for a sophisticated, yet modern wood are shifting to very dark brown or black tones in their floors. Dark wood floors make a bold statement and work very well with lighter walls or cabinets. Hiding the older wood’s imperfections is easier with dark floors and this classy look will enhance any home.



Whether your preference is traditional, contemporary, or modern, the recent wood flooring styles will compliment any new house. FireRock’s wood flooring selection has numerous choices of many colors and finishes. Wood flooring from FireRock suits any location and remains maintenance-free for years.

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