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4 Modern Industrial Design Trends that Will Make You Want to Remodel

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  • steel windows

Over the past few years, industrial interior design has made a resurgence. Exposed beams, hardwoods and concrete floors, and simple decorating schemes are now in vogue – and for good reason! The simple and clean lines of industrial interior design are timeless and are great for making a space feel open and airy. Whether you’re looking to redecorate (or even remodel) your home, or you’re just curious what’s making this new trend so popular, check out some of our favorite industrial design trends below!


1. Simplicity

Simplicity (Square)

One of the defining hallmarks of the modern industrial design trend is its simplicity. While decades gone by have embraced complexity and bold colors (think pink bathrooms from the 1950s or the green/yellow/orange patterned wallpapers of the 70s), industrial interior design focuses on keeping the design as clean as possible. A well decorated modern industrial space will have a lack of involved patterns or loud colors, substituting these bygone design trends with simple shapes and classic paint colors, like off-white or gray.


2. Basic Materials

Basic Materials (Square)

Photo courtesy of Luker Photography

Along with simplicity in design, modern industrial interior design also places an emphasis on using basic materials. Concrete or hardwood floors and exposed steel beams and pipes are staples of modern industrial design. The focus here is to create a seemingly simple design by exposing the bare bones of the space, rather than covering them up with layers of unnecessary decorations. But using basic materials doesn’t apply to just the space – it’s also applicable to the furniture in the space as well. Handcrafted elements, like natural wood tables framed with steel, or even vintage pieces, like a factory cart that’s been repurposed into a coffee table, work well in industrial designs.


3. Open Spaces

Open Spaces (Square)

Photo courtesy of Russell Missonis Photography

Keeping with the idea of simplicity, modern industrial interior design places emphasis on open living spaces. Having walls to partition off every single room can cause a space to feel dark and cramped. Industrial design uses furniture and rugs to break larger rooms into smaller functional areas without the use of walls, which keeps the space open and airy.

Many industrial designs also utilize the steel windows and doors. Unlike other options like wood and aluminum, which will wear out or degrade over time, steel offers a long term, durable solution and large openings that cannot be achieved with wood, aluminum or fiberglass. Ultra slim sightlines and expansive openings of steel make it easy to bring natural beauty into your home. And with a smooth, luxurious finish and invisible welds, steel doors and windows bring a level of sophistication that is sure to complement a modern industrial design style while sticking to the idea of basic materials.


4. Focal Pieces

Focal Pieces (Square)

Photo courtesy of Luker Photography

With its emphasis on simplicity, basic materials, and open spaces, it can be difficult to create an industrial interior design that doesn’t feel empty. That’s where focal pieces come in. Choosing an interesting lighting fixture, like a wrought iron chandelier, or leaving a brick wall exposed can add a splash of drama and visual interest without abandoning the simplicity of the design.


These four modern industrial design trends can help you open up your space, clean up the clutter, and put together a classy and timeless home. With the resurgence in popularity of industrial elements, now is the best time to make the leap and redecorate!