Discussing the Versatility of Wet-Cast Concrete Pavers

Pavers are durable and come in a variety of options, which make them an easy choice for many hardscaping projects. However, not all pavers are created equal, and things like aesthetic and price can weigh heavily on the decision.


Important Fundamentals of Natural and Cast Stone Pavers

When it comes to indoor or outdoor flooring pavers, the options can seem endless. Like we discussed before with patterns, pavers are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, shapes, thicknesses, layout sizes, etc. The abundance of choices can quickly become overwhelming for any new construction, renovation or DIY project.

Remember: Knowledge is power! Learning the important fundamentals of pavers can help simplify your decision-making process AND your overall project.

This article will teach you the need-to-know basic facts about natural stone and cast stone, the most common type of indoor and outdoor flooring pavers.