Door Trends: Entryways, Interiors and Big Doors

When it comes to doors, most people don’t given them much thought until faced with having to make choices for a new home. There are so many options to choose from for style, color, function and material. Here are some of the latest design trends for doors, including entryways, interior doors and big openings with a look at what some of today’s hottest builders are adding to their new homes.


The front door and front entryway is just that – the entry point to your home and likely the first thing most people will see. It sets the first impression. It also is a very important factor in the home’s overall energy efficiency and aids in home security. When making a selection with front doors, you need to weigh a number of options to decide what is right for you.

Natural light – a door is an excellent place to introduce more natural light into your home, but you also need to consider security and privacy. The more window panes and uncovered openings, the more people will have access to see what’s inside.

Size – Bigger doors are certainly a hot trend right now with front doors getting taller and wider. This allows a home to connect more with the outdoor surroundings. One thing to consider when making this choice is the energy efficiency of your door and surrounding windows.

Color – A front door is an opportunity to make a statement and add a bit of personality to your home. We’re seeing more and more color choices pop up in addition to darker, bolder colors – black and rich shades of blue. Steel doorway systems are extremely popular today for their narrow sightlines and rich black hues.

Interior Doors

Interior door options are almost limitless, as the concerns you may have when selecting an exterior door – energy efficiency, privacy, security, etc. – don’t exist. When it comes to these doors, style reigns supreme. One trend that has taken off over the past several years is the sliding barn door. Sliding doors work great in smaller spaces and flex rooms as they are a great space saver. Sliding barn doors, in particular, add a rustic and natural element that can also serve as a partition to divide up an open floor plan.

Epic Openings

When it comes to today’s home, bigger is better. Builders are now making door systems that nearly disappear as the indoors and outdoors seamlessly blend together. This means large panes of glass and ultra-thin frames. Steel is a popular material to achieve this look but can be quite heavy depending on the desired size. There are clad and vinyl door manufacturers available that have been able to achieve that same epic focal point but in a lightweight material. And with multiple color options available, it is sometimes hard to differentiate from a distance between the two.

Leave All Doors Open to Possibility

So when making a choice about doors for your home, think about what’s important to you – privacy vs. an abundance of natural light. Consider the location of the doors around your home and whether the outdoors are something you want to invite in or are something you’d prefer to leave out. While some of these trends may continue in popularity for years to come, others will change and more will come. What’s important is that you choose something that you love and are drawn to for reasons that work best for you and your family.