Facts on Firewood

There are two main ingredients to having a great fire in your home – the fireplace itself and the materials that go in it. We talk all the time about the first half of that equation, a superior pre-engineered masonry fireplace. But almost equally important is the firewood you put in it, as it can greatly impact the fire you get as a result.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about storing and purchasing firewood from our friends at Cutting Edge Firewood – a high-end firewood delivery service servicing the greater Atlanta area:

Cutting Edge Firewood Services in Atlanta: Building Better Fires

1. Where is the best place to store firewood?

Convenience, aesthetics and longevity are the three factors to consider when storing wood. You will get the best value out of your firewood by having it easily accessible and beautifully displayed. This can be in a variety of locations both indoors and out. Just be sure to keep the wood from direct contact with any water source (or rain!).

2. Can I store firewood in a basement?

The basement is a great option for firewood storage. However, you must be careful about storing fireplace that carries pests which can be damaging to a home. The wood products from the Cutting Edge are kiln dried and guaranteed pest free, so you can easily store it in your basement, or any room in your home.

3. Can you store firewood in a garage?

The garage is one of the most popular places to store firewood as it is a dry and convenient space. The same warning as given in the above answer with regard to pests applies here as well, so be sure you have dried, pest-free wood before storing within your home.

4. How should firewood be stored outside?

It is important to store firewood off of the ground and covered. This helps to deter the wood from collecting moisture, which can attract insects and rotting, as well as keep it dry. The most preferable method of storing firewood is on a firewood rack.

5. How much firewood should I buy?

A standard order is a half-faced cord, which is 4 ft. x 4 ft. of firewood. The average customer gets about 2 orders of firewood a season, although this can go as high as 10-15 depending on how much you plan to use your fireplace.

6. What is an Uncut Round?

Uncut Rounds are 24” unsplit logs that are used for firewood. Each log usually burns between 2-5 hours, making it more convenient for the user to have a long lasting fire. It is recommended that you get a fire started with cut logs and then place an Uncut Round on the fire after you already have a hot fire burning. Note: these are meant to be used in medium to large fireplaces and fire pits.

If you are in the Atlanta are and are interested in a superior firewood delivery service, be sure to check out Cutting Edge Firewood.