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Rehme Steel Windows & Doors

FireRock is proud to partner with Rehme Steel Windows & Doors, an innovator in the steel door and window industry. Their team of talented engineers and craftspeople have created a more simplified, patent-pending system without sacrificing strength or performance. This means fewer components, less risk of installation errors and less dependency on in-field assembly.

Rehme Steel Windows & Doors is known for creating the highest quality steel and window system available. Their superior manufacturing techniques and materials result in a straighter, stiffer product that never has unsightly welds, exposed grinder marks or bondo smears.

Features and Benefits 

  • Manufactured using 100% American cold-rolled steel
  • Superior grade, maintenance-free, self-lubricating, squeak-free hinges
  • Authentic True Divided Light with simple, low-profile, removable metal stops for easy glass installation and replacement
  • Engineered with minimal sightline mullions & muntins while maintaining superior structural integrity
  • Coated with a high quality PPG epoxy primer, and PPG 2-part, catalyzed urethane paint
  • Provided with waterproof nailing flange or through-jamb mounting holes for new construction or remodel
  • Unitized Construction - No Assembly Required
  • Options for double-pane insulated glass prep or single-pane glass prep


Because the Rehme system is glazed by your local glass professional, you can select the glass that works best for your home. Working with your local glass professional, you can choose the right color, Low-E coating, thermal and UV performance, spacer color and material, etc., to fit your project.

  • Designed to receive standard 5/8” insulated glass (IG) units up to 1" IG units
  • Simple glazing method created for local professionals to easily install and repair glass
  • No mechanical fasteners required to secure the glass or stop
  • Glazed from the exterior using a proprietary one-piece removable aluminum glazing ring


Product Lines

All products are custom built upon order to meet project requirements



Recommended Uses

Min. Muntin Size

Max. Glass Thickness


Classic steel profile

Versatile across all applications

1 ¼"

1” with standard 2” frame depth

Bifold System Doors

Heavy-duty system suitable for complex units

Ideal for large units transitioning to outdoor spaces

1 ¼"

1” with standard 2” frame depth

Service Offering

Slimline systems include solid, one-piece removable triangular-shaped aluminum glazing rings

All Bifold Systems utilize top-of-the-line, heavy duty Eclipse E4 Hardware

Rehme-supplied hardward is pre-installed and tested at their manufacturing facility and then removed for easy re-installation. No drilling or tapping required.

Trim plates are available in 2 different sizes and two styles - traditional or modern. View all options and finishes here.


Not sure what direction you want to take with your next project? Contact us to learn from our experts.

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