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Sizing, test results, and shipping info for FireRock architectural-grade concrete pavers

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FireRock Steel PaversPaver Pallet and Shipping Details


  • Standard Packaging: Includes all 7 sizes on pallet (random pattern)
  • Coverage (sqft): 270 ft²  per pallet stacked vertically
  • Weight: Pallet weight approximately 3,200 lbs
  • # Pallets per Truck Load: 14 pallets per truck load (approximately 44,800 lbs total)



  • Standard Packaging: Includes all 7 sizes on pallet (random pattern)
  • Coverage (sqft): 198 ft²  per pallet stacked vertically
  • Weight: Pallet weight approximately 3,600 lbs
  • # Pallets per Truck Load: 12 pallets per truck load (approximately 43,200 lbs total)



  • Standard Packaging: Includes 1 size on pallet (3-piece "driveway" pattern - Details on page 6)
  • Coverage (sqft): 105 - 112 ft²  per pallet stacked horizontally
  • Weight: Pallet weight approximately 2,940 - 3,136 lbs
  • # Pallets per Truck Load: 14 pallets per truck load (approximately 41,160 - 44,100 lbs total)




Our pavers come in three different thicknesses that are appropriate for different installation locations. For all 7-piece random patterns we recommend a 1" or 1 3/4" paver with a 1/2" grout line. For our 3-piece driveway pattern we recommend a 2 3/4" paver with a 1/2" grout line. Bull nose is also available for pool surrounds, stairwells and other applications.

  • Thickness of 1" for placement on a masonry base
  • Thickness of 1 3/4" for a ground or sand base
  • Thickness of 2 3/4" for driveway paving on sand


When our pavers are installed outdoors over a compacted aggregate base, FireRock recommends they be installed in accordance with the guidelines of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.

When our pavers are installed indoors or over a concrete slab, FireRock recommends they be installed in accordance with the guidelines of the ASTM Standard Practice for Installation of Concrete Floor Tiles. 


Dimension Specs for all sizes of the products

For information about shipping/freight, please contact our customer service team




Coping Options

Weight (approx.)

Total Sq Ft per Pallet



7-pc Random

Bull Nose/Square Edge

11.5 lbs./sq ft

270 sq ft



7-pc Random

Bull Nose/Square Edge

18 lbs./sq ft

198 sq ft


Driveway Paving

3-pc Pattern


28 lbs./sq ft

112 sq ft

See Our Paver information Manual

Approvals & Certifications

Compressive Strength: More than 2x stronger than ASTM C1731 standard 

Flexural Strength: ASTM C1731 compliant

Freeze/Thaw Durability: ASTM C 936-13 compliant

AbsorptionASTM C1731 compliant

Dimensional TolerancesASTM C1731 compliant

Bond StrengthASTM C1731 compliant

Wet Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF): ASTM C1731 compliant


Installation/Maintenance Products (SEK recommended)

Stain/Rust Buster, Oil Extractor, Efflo Off Cleaner, Multi-Use Cleaner

Antifungal Sealer (gloss finish), Wet Look Sealer (high-gloss finish), Stain Blocking Invisible Sealer (matte finish)

Edging restraints, spikes, tools for framing pavers tightly and preventing sand loss

Joint Stabilizing Polymeric Sand (gray and tan)

Firerock Clay Pavers in a Herringbone Custom Pattern


Need More Info?

To learn more about our pavers (weights, all testing results, common patterns, shipping details) see our Paver Information Manual.


Need to see our pavers for yourself? Request a free Paver Sample Kit to be delivered to your door - all colors included!

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