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Vent Free Indoor Fireplace

The Vent-Free fireplace is the simplest and most cost effective way to add a true masonry fireplace to any project. 

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FireRock vent free fireplace modelVent-Free Indoor Fireplace

A Vent-Free fireplace provides great atmosphere to any home, with less hassle. This gas burning fireplace does not require any chimney or ventilation, so it weighs significantly less than comparable wood burning fireplaces - while still providing a true masonry look. Due to the no chimney requirement, the Vent-Free produces less heat loss and is one of our most versatile models (can be installed in nearly any space, but requires special codes for bedrooms). The FireRock Vent Free Gas Fireplace has a zero inch clearance, so the firebox can be installed directly on a wooden or other combustible floor, making it ideal for remodeling projects.


Vent-Free Lite

The Vent-Free Lite gas fireplace is a lightweight option of our indoor Vent-Free model that also provides a striaght back wall configuration. A shallower firebox allows for lighter components and easier masonic work. 


  • Available sizes: 30", 36", 42" and 48"
  • Allows for a true masonry finish without a chimney
  • Can be installed directly on wooden floor
  • Use only with unvented decorative gas logs that comply with ANSI Z21.11.2
  • Ideal for new construction or remodeling projects
  • Vent-free fireboxes include Conventional and See-Through
  • Lightweight firebox option also available with straight back configuration - ask to learn more!
  • Clearance to combustibles: 0" around sides and back; 3.5" on top
  • Check your local building codes to ensure that a vent-free firebox is approved for your project, especially if being used in a bedroom

Click here to read more on the benefits of a vent-free masonry firebox.



All measurements listed are based on dry stack units before firebrick is installed. Dimensions are nominal and are given for design and framing reference only. Please consult installation manual for all details and requirements before making final design layout decisions.

Model Width Height Depth Damper Weight
Opening Firebox
Overall Opening Firebox Smoke
Overall Firebox Overall
30" Vent Free 32.5" 22" 38" 33" 40.5" N/A" 40.5" 22.5" 28.5" N/A 1,350 lbs
36" Vent Free 38.5" 28" 44" 33" 40.5" N/A" 40.5" 22.5" 28.5" N/A 1,500 lbs
42" Vent Free 44.5" 34" 50" 33" 40.5" N/A 40.5" 22.5" 28.5" N/A 1,650 lbs
48" Vent Free 50.5" 40" 56" 33" 40.5" N/A 40.5" 22.5" 28.5" N/A 1,800 lbs

Clearance to Combustibles

Opening to Sidewall 6"
Opening to Mantle with 8" Depth 12"
Firebox & Smoke Chamber to Combustibles or Framing 0"
The front surface at the bottom and sides must be covered with a non-combustible material. The front surface at the top must be covered with a non-combustible material that extends 3-in above the top of the structure. Any header above the top at the unit front must be non-combustible.

Approvals & Certifications

Complies with ANSI Z21.91 for vent-free firebox enclosures

For use with unvented decorative gas logs listed and labeled as complying with ANSI Z21.11.2

Gas logs must be factory-equipped with a listed oxygen-depletion safety shutoff system

Maximum heat input of gas logs must be no greater than 40,000 BTUs

Available Accessories

LiteRock Installation Method

Approved Gas Logs

Firebrick & Mortar


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