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Indoor See-Through Fireplace Kits

This style allows for the architectural beauty of a masonry fireplace in two rooms with only one flue.

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FireRock see through model fireplaceIndoor See-Through Fireplace Kits

Add the warmth and beauty of a prefabricated masonry fireplace to two rooms simultaneously with the FireRock See-Through Fireplace. This see-through model can provide the ambiance of a masonry fireplace into an outdoor and indoor living area within any exterior or interior wall. This model saves you vital space when planning your next home project with the use of only one flue for both fireplaces. Like other FireRock models, the See-Through Fireplace is approved to burn wood or gas fuel, accommodating a FireRock masonry or approved metal chimney system. FireRock is one of the only custom home building materials companies that provides a true 48" Pre-Engineered See-Through Fireplace option for your home. View our indoor see-through masonry fireplace construction details below. 

  • Top-seal damper required for See-Through model
  • Available in 30", 36", 42", and 48" sizes
  • Vent-Free option available for this model
  • Approved for in-field modifications to firebox - choose between angled interior or straight side walls
  • Can be installed on a combustible subfloor using our LiteRock Installation Method
  • Outside air source is reccommended to be utilized with this product to ensure adequate source of combustion and ventilation air
  • Any UL-103 compliant chimney may be used to vent a FireRock See‐Through fireplace
  • To ensure a UL‐127 compliant installation and to reduce the risk of smoke spillage, a set of glass or ceramic fireplace enclosure doors MUST be installed on one or both sides of the fireplace.



All measurements listed are based on dry stack units before firebrick is installed. Dimensions are nominal and are given for design and framing reference only. Please consult installation manual for all details and requirements before making final design layout decisions.

Model Width Height Depth Damper Weight
Opening Firebox
Overall Opening Firebox Smoke
Overall Firebox Overall
30" See-Through 32.5" 22" 38" 34.5" 38.25" 22.375" 60.625" 28.5" 28.5" Top Seal 1,575 lbs
36" See-Through 38.5" 28" 44" 34.5" 38.25" 31.5625" 69.8125" 28.5" 28.5" Top Seal 1,800 lbs
42" See-Through 44.5" 34" 50" 34.5" 38,25" 31.5625" 69.8125" 28.5" 28.5" Top Seal 2,050 lbs
48" See-Through 50.5" 40" 56" 34.5" 38.25" 40.75" 79" 28.5" 28.5" Top Seal 2,350 lbs
Chimney Diameter Masonry Chimney: 15"
UL 103 Metal Chimney: 12" (30" model only) or 14"
Total Installed Height Minimum: 15'
Maximum: 60'

Clearance to Combustibles

Opening to Sidewall 28"
Opening to Combustible Trim 12"
Opening to Mantle with 8" Depth 30"
Noncombustible Hearth Extension 20" in front; 8" each side
Firebox & Smoke Chamber to Combustibles or Framing 1"
Smoke Chamber (Front Wall & Top) to Wood Framing 1"

Approvals & Certifications

Certified as complying with UL-127 and ANSI Z21.50 regulations for indoor use

Approved for use with gas-starters and outside air kits

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