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Linear Indoor Fireplace

With an opening that is much wider than it is tall, the linear model blends old world and new world styles to create the perfect fireplace for modern designs.

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Linear Product Shot_with Chimney StackIndoor Linear Fireplace

Meet the newest pre-engineered masonry fireplace kit from FireRock - the linear fireplace. This fireplace, which is much wider than it is tall, blends old and new world styles for an option that is both traditional and strikingly modern. In addition, as with our other firebox models, it has a radius lintel and a 15" flue (compared to the leading competitor's 13") for improved smoke draw performance 

Our Linear model is compatible with either masonry chimneys or UL 103 metal chimney systems.

  • Available sizes: 60" and 72"
  • Double chimney required; accommodates FireRock masonry chimney or approved metal chimney system (UL 103)
  • Compliances: UL-127, ANSI Z21.60
  • Accommodates FireRock masonry fireplace or approved metal chimney system
  • 1" clearance to combustibles around firebox unit and smoke chamber; additional hearth protection required
  • Easy purchase ability from our national network of distributors

Design & Customization

All FireRock indoor models can be used indoors or outdoors and can accommodate practically any veneer, mantle or surround. Popular indoor options include marble, ledgestone, wood, brick and stone veneer. Popular outdoor options include man-made stone or sliced natural stone. For ideas and inspiration on how to customize your surround, click here.

Additional customization comes with your firebrick selection. FireRock firebrick comes in two colors - red and buff - and two thicknesses to accommodate a variety of firebrick patterns to finish out your personal taste.


FireRock Linear Model Dimensions

All measurements listed are based on dry stack units before firebrick is installed. Dimensions are nominal and are given for design and framing reference only. Please consult installation manual for all details and requirements before making final design layout decisions.

Model Width Height Depth Damper Weight
Opening Firebox
Overall Opening Firebox Smoke
Overall Firebox Overall
60" Linear 62.5" 52" 68" 25.125" 28.875" 31.5625" 60.4375" 22.5" 28.5" 54" 2,665 lbs
72" Linear 74.5" 64" 80" 25.125" 31.5625" 31.5625" 60.4375" 22.5" 28.5" 2 Top Seal 2,825 lbs
Chimney Diameter

Masonry Chimney: 15"
UL 103 Metal Chimney: 12" (30" model only) or 14"

*Note: 60" and 72" models require 2 flues

Total Installed Height Minimum: 15'
Maximum: 65'

Clearance to Combustibles

Opening to Sidewall 32"
Opening to Combustible Trim 12"
Opening to Mantle with 8" Depth 16"
Noncombustible Hearth Extension Flush Hearth 32" in front; 8" each side
>12" Raised Hearth: 20" in front; 8" each side
Firebox & Smoke Chamber to Combustibles or Framing 1"
Smoke Chamber (Front Wall & Top) to Wood Framing 1"

Approvals & Certifications

UL 127 approved and certified for indoor or outdoor use

Approved for use with gas-starters and outside air kits

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