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Masonry Fireplace Accessories: Brick Flange

Installed in the chimney stack approximately 12" below the low side of the roof penetration, the Brick Flange provides additional structural support to support brick veneer above the roofline, offering cost savings to the customer. This steel-reinforced masonry ledge also supports a traditional chimney pot or other decorative masonry finish.

This accessory is perfect for use in neighborhoods with strict building covenants because the chimney exterior can be finished with the same material as the rest of the home.



  • Dimensions: 32" (W) x 32" (L) x 4" (H)
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Vertical brick support: 20 ft maximum
  • Maximum weight load per brick flange: 7,566 lbs
  • Maximum # of brick flanges to be used: 2

Important: Please consult local building codes for specifics regarding masonry above the roof.

Brick Flange_In Stack

Installing a Brick Flange

This brick flange is installed in the chimney stack approximately 12” below the low side of the roof penetration.

Brick Flange

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