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Living Room Focal Points - What Are They and How Do I Create One?

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What is a Living Room Focal Point?

The living room (or den) is most often the central hub of your home. Between fun nights with friends, holiday gatherings with families, or just unwinding at night, your living room gets a lot of use. But a great living room is more than just a few sofas and chairs. It needs a focal point, which is a decoration or feature that helps define the space and provides a central location to design the rest of the room around. Without the right focal point, the room can feel drab and unorganized.

Conventional Fireplace

A great example of a natural focal point in a living room is a fireplace. Fireplaces are a great detail that not only stand out from the rest of the wall, but they also provide texture and depth to the room, which helps define the space. A fireplace provides a central location to center your furniture and the rest of your living room around, giving structure and organization to the room.

It is important to note that the focal point is not necessarily the central point of the room, and oftentimes the focal point is not even centered on the wall. A corner fireplace can be a great focal point, even if the furniture is arranged around the center of the room. Regardless of where the focal point is located in the room, it should bring people into the room and provide structure and organization for the rest of the décor.

How to Create a Focal Point

Oversized Conventional Fireplace

If your living room currently lacks a focal feature, the good news is that it’s fairly easy to create one.

Maybe you love the idea of a fireplace as a focal point, but aren’t looking to undergo a major renovation. If this sounds like you, you still have a few options. A great option is FireRock Vent Free fireplace, which can be installed directly on a wood floor, and gives you the same great masonry fireplace look as a vented fireplace.

If adding a fireplace isn’t an option (or isn’t your style), you can still create a focal point with other items. A large mirror is a great option, as it not only provides a focus for the room, but the reflection can brighten and enlarge the space as well. Another alternative is centering your room around a large piece of artwork, or even a sculpture. Not only will it provide a great focal point for the room, but it can also function as a talking point.

Regardless of what you choose to create a focal point, make sure to try to position it opposite of wherever the door to your living room is located so that it can be clearly seen from the doorway. Your focal point will be less effective if it is hidden from the doorway vantage point.

Once you’ve got your focal point in place, structure the rest of the room around it, making sure to coordinate your décor for a well-rounded interior design.