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Summer Loving: Backyard Pool and Spa Inspiration

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Memorial Day is just around the corner and with it, scorching hot days. Our favorite way to cool off? Drifting away in a private backyard oasis. 

When it comes to making backyard dreams come true, our wet-cast concrete pavers are both a beautiful and practical choice. Four out of five of our colors stay dramatically cooler than natural stone; meaning no grilled toes on the way to the pool bar. Because concrete is naturally more porous, it also has better slip resistance (but still, no running on the pool deck, please).

We've compiled a quick gallery of some of our favorite pools, featuring FireRock pavers and coping, to inspire your summer pool goals.


Oyster coping creates a striking contrast against the lush green landscape at this shady oasis in Charleston. 

Between the patio and pool coping, these homeowners opted for turf instead of a deck; creating a stunning and practical environment for both family fun and social entertaining at this historic Birmingham home.


Bright white Oyster pavers blend beautifully with the clean lines of this modern home.

There is no question this pool is hot, but because they chose Oyster pavers, the deck most certainly is not. Oyster has our highest solar reflectance, which makes it a popular choice for areas with full sun exposure.

Clay and Ore pavers combine for an organic, earthy look that compliments the rustic design of this home.

This lakeside home features FireRock pavers and coping, leading directly into a zero entry spa. With the excellent slip resistance of wet-cast concrete, the homeowners can rest easy that their friends and family will be able to enjoy their beautiful retreat safely.