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Since 2004, FireRock has been dedicated to providing quality products to the custom home market. But our focus goes beyond the products we sell - we know the service you receive is equally important. From our dedicated sales reps, to our knowledgeable customer service team, we pride ourselves on being a partner to you every step of the way. We are thrilled when builders, architects and homeowners alike call us to brainstorm design challenges or develop custom solutions. We believe that service should have the same quality and trust as the product itself, and for us, it does.


If you need help on a project, want a quote, or have any technical questions about our products - we’re here to help. Let’s get started.


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Simply put, the secret to our success is the quality of the people on our team. 

FireRock has an innovative and entrepreneurial culture that sets us apart in the building materials industry.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our service offering and new products we can manufacture, so we can be the best resource to the customers we serve. To get there we strive to find people who match that spirit - competitive, driven, creative and most importantly: enjoy being part of a team. 


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John Reeves Kendal Carlson Garrett Ray

Jenny Griffin Heather Mills Christopher Allen

Jason Hamachek Connie Palmer

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